as old as the buildings we help build.

Combined knowledge of over 215 years in training and experience.

Signatory Contractors

We supply these companies with highly skilled & certified Journeyman and apprentices.

We want an open dialogue with our contractors, so we can do what it takes to be successfull together.


A combination of classroom and hands on training from certified instructors reassures contractors that they are getting a qualified workforce.

This assures our contractors that we can and will stay on the heals of technological changes so they can compete and expand their markets .


We're here to help.

No, we want to be your partner. The union has no desire to run your business, they supply skilled manpower and want you to succeed.

No, you or your  foreman are in charge of layoffs and discharges.

Yes, those you employ who do Plasterer’s work would be required to join the Union as a Journeyman or as an Apprentice, depending on their skill level.

No, apprentices in our program get paid the apprentice rate. We are the only registered programs for Plasterers in the Northwest, so the lower rates are compliant with the law.

We have initiation fee’s to become a member, these fee’s may be waived in certain circumstances.


The benefits they receive are representation, a collective bargaining agreement, health care, a pension plan, training and a voice and vote in a democratic organization.



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